The popularity of WWE super card: what Reddit users are saying

WWE is one of the most loved wrestling forms across the world. It has many high-end successful players from all across the globe who have an excellent fan base. Well, it has conquered the ring with its popularity it has now reached new heights in the world of mobile gaming also.

With lots of available mobile gaming zones available that has WWE on board is Reddit WWE SuperCard that has become very popular amongst its users for the players to discuss their issues regarding the game.

Furthermore, the Reddit users love the very new WWE SuperCard hack guide to get more points. The game has an attractive aesthetic, and the characters are built in a way that you would love to watch them and play with them. The game has very realistic approach so it can keep the players hooked for long hours.

How to play online on ps4 without PlayStation plus

PlayStation plus is an online requirement, that is needed to play multiplayer game. However there can be expectations. There are free to play game available of PlayStation network that does not need a PlayStation plus subscriber. There no way you can play online multiplayers games like call of duty and GTA, without a subscription. Some of the free to games available can be listed as follows


Moist of people are sick of the same battle royal games. Thus they are searching for something new. Dauntless is a new game that is launched in PSN network that lets you hunt muster. The game allows you to team up with your friends and take upon the most dangerous monsters. This game can be played without the plus subscription.

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Dragon ball legends special skills

Dragon ball legends special skills

Do you want to know how to use the special skills in dragon ball legends? Or do you want to use the special move in the game? Here is a guide on how to use it effectively in the game. There is a difference between the special skill and the special move. The blue card is the special move award, it is a card used for causing high damage with the cost of high ki. The special skill card is the green card, it offers you the power to buff or debuff the opponent. You have to counter attack the opponent when they attack and it has to be used at the right moment. The major ability can be activated by clicking the character picture at the screen. Sometimes you can use the special card, special move or the move card ultimate.

The ultimate move card is a card which is blue coloured with spikes. This is also a card which is used for high damages. It costs twenty ki. This card can only be used once. You have to be careful when you use it. Check the list of characters for using this. To Get special Skill you need chrono crystals. You can get more crystals on.

The challenge

In the ‘story mode’ the special skill and the ‘special move’ is the most well-known type of task. You will get it in this chapter. You can complete the task simply by using the green card and a special card. The first card can be used to create the special skill. You can do more damage to the opponent by using this card by using the special move.

Learn where to buy google play redeem codes

A google play store is a place where different types of apps, games, books, etc. are available. Some are free but some need to buy. To buy these games and apps there is are used. Google redeem codes are used to buy different games or apps in the play store.

There are different recipients which sale the google redeem codes. Some of these are;

•    Paytm

•    PhonePe

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How to sign up with the PlayStation network

A PlayStation series of home gaming consoles manufactured and sold to play videogames. A PlayStation can be generation 1, 2, 3, 4, pro, and thin. Each with a similar but fairly different setup and design for playing the games that can be played in accordance with the type of system that each game requires to function. Modern PlayStation also doubles as a theatre, being able to play movies from discs, proficient of running streaming services, browser, ECT. PlayStation are basically computers built for gaming.

How can you create a PlayStation Network account?

Just head on to settings click on account manager and then on Sign in.

Now enter your Sign in id or the email id and the password and click on confirm button. If the PlayStation 4 system is not previously activated as your Primary PS4, you will be asked if you need to activate it. Select either ‘Yes’ or ‘Do Not Activate’.

Getting Sartorial Pleasure, Using Minecraft Skins

Whether it’s your favorite superheroes or film icons or creative mashups you need best minecraft skins to have some of the best for your sartorial pleasure.

There is no point in messing around with the best if you yourself are not special. With these creative minecraft skins, you can show your creativity in the coolest playing areas which are generated by Minecraft seeds.

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Futurama: worlds of tomorrow

Futurama worlds of tomorrow are a mobile game that is designed for platforms like IOS and android. The play traces back its concept from the American series known as Futurama. The game was first released on June 29, 2017, and stories are written by the writers of TV series.

Hypnotoad mesmerises Professor Farnsworth in opening a hole so that hypnotoad can get into the current universe known as amphibious 9. Once the whole is the professor time space creates a gap begins to alter the things in the current universe, but it does not affect number and fry. read more

NTLDR is missing how to fix it?

NTLDR is missing …… Seems familiar? I think you are Smile. This is an Error which most of the computer lovers experienced at least once in their journey. One day you power on your computer and huh!!! A black screen comes with a weird error “ NTLDR is Missing”. You are in dark wonder what happened to it suddenly? it was working fine till last time you were on it…

NTLDR is missing

At this point, you ring the local Engineer’s Bell to shoot the problem out and get your computer back to normal life so you can play your favorite Game or Browse your favorite website ..(What’s your Fav Game : CS ?COD ? What’s your favorite website : FaceBook or youtube to share with others via comment below) ..I have been in touch with many of those local computers experts who feel proud in calling them “Engineer”. Majority of them thinks this disease cannot be cured and the only way left now is to Boot up from a Windows CD and let the computer Born again, I mean Format and re-install after which it becomes a new baby. You will have to teach him about your needs once again. If you are rude enough you will surely bother the hard drive spindle of servers lying in Google’s data centers to get some information for you on this problem. Google servers are helpful enough. if you share your problem with them, they with a look into millions of millions of web pages from their database and display thousands of results. When you see those results you will understand that you not a unique creature on the planet with this problem. Many others faced this problem before you and posted on various tech support forums. Some kind peoples posted the solution as well to do blah blah blah and the problem will be shouted out.. but you are a computer lover. You are smart…

Will you also follow the same steps to fix the problem? without knowing what does this error means and why you are firing those bullets in form of commands from something called recovery console..

Well, If you are still reading and showing interest then this post is for you and I understands my efforts are not worthless. Read on. In this post, I will explain why and when does this error comes and what could be the possible reasons for this. Also how to fix it explaining why.. I will try to make it short but still, it may be a bit long..Take a deep breathe and continue reading …

NTLDR is Missing – When does this error come

Let me start from the beginning so it will make more sense..…

Power Button is pressed to power on the computer,
The SMPS supply power to all the components attached and then a PowerGood Signal is sent indicating Everything is OK to start booting,
The Executable Code in the BIOS ROM looks for the First Bootable disk in the configuration (Configuration is known as CMOS settings or BIOS settings in normal language however BIOS and CMOS are 2 different things which we talk on later.)
The BIOS looks for the first Sector of the Bootable Disk (Assuming your HDD is configured as a Bootable disk) and read it..First sector (Sector 0) of the HDD is called Master Boot Record and abbreviated as MBR.
The MBR contains 2 important parts, a small Bootable code, and the partition table.
The Small Boot code has the information to boot up the system and partition table contains a table of partitions and its physical location on your Hard drive.
The boot code Reads the partition table to find the active partition (Active partition is same as System partition which holds the core boot files).
Once successfully located, The MBR code transfers the control to the First sector of activating the partition.
The first sector of the active partition is known as the Boot Sector. Boot sector contains information about the partition layout, partition type, and a small executable code. The small executable does have enough capabilities to read the root of the partition (Only Files, not a subfolder or folder).
The BootSector (talking about Windows XP or Windows 2003) is designed to read “NTLDR” from the root of the active partition.
If the boot sector finds the NTLDR in the root, it handovers the next steps to NTLDR’s Entry point of the main function,
IF the boot sector is failed to locate NTLDR in the root of the volume, it will display an error message.
I bet now you know what will be the error message….
Oh!. You are right but… The error message text depends on the file system type. If its NTFS it will display “ NTLDR IS MISSING ” but in case of a FAT partition it will say Boot: could not find NLTDR

I hope you understood how this error comes..

OK, I got it, Now What can be done to fix it

After reading the steps above, it looks either of the blow is the possibility…

1. NTLDR is Corrupt or missing,

2. The Boot sector is corrupt or finding NTLDR at a wrong place,

Most likely first will be the possibility, to fix it –

1. Boot into Windows Recovery console. Windows recovery console comes with the windows installation CD.

2. Grab the CD and insert it into the CD drive (the coffee tray Smile )

3. Boot the system, It should boot directly from CD as almost all computers are configured to boot from CD first. It should ask you to “Press any key to boot from CD”

If not booting from CD then Configure the Computer to boot from CD drive. You should press Del or F1 or F2 to go into BIOS. Depends on the BIOS version and manufacture you will see Boot options. Change the CD as a 1st drive to boot from.

4. Windows Installation CD will load necessary files and ask you to choose one from below

5. Press R at this point

6. it will take you to the Recovery Console. Select the windows installation number. If you have only one OS then put 1.

7. Type the administrator password, if no password just press enter.

8. type “copy D:\i386\ntldr C:\” and press enter.

It should say “One file copied”.

9. Do the same copy for as well which is supporting file for ntldr. Not needed but just to be safer side.

“copy D:\i386\ C:\”

10. here, D is the drive letter of the CD ROM, You can find the drive letter by typing “MAP” command. It will tell you which is your CD ROM drive .or switch to each drive and do a dir. At this point, we can reboot and hopefully it should boot up the computer fine. If not then the problem was the 2nd possibility. the boot sector corruption. Why not apply both fixes together and reboot only once.

12. Let’s do the fix for this as well, it won’t harm anything, no side effect or running fix boot.

13. From the same command console, Do following.. Fixboot

Fixboot will repair the Boot sector and now you are ready to reboot the computer.

Restart the computer and you should see that the computer is happy to boot correctly…. That’s all for today, Feel free to write your thoughts, suggestion or if any questions in below comment box. It will help me improve this blog more and more for my readers…

Introduction to Windows Registry

The registry is an interesting part of Microsoft Windows OS. Like others, it’s a good place of interest for me as well. To know more and more about it I have referred many resources from the Internet, E-books etc. Through these posts, I would like to share with you what I have learned about the registry. This article starts by introducing you to the registry, hive files, core parts of the registry, the must known keys and then goes further next posts in the same category) on advanced kinds of stuff.

After sufficient intro and go through you will see many posts on ways you can customize the OS to meet your needs. First time if you open the registry it looks like scary stuff, Lot of keys values etc which does not make much sense. As you start learning about it you will notice its nice and nifty, a cool and smart way to do a thing, You will be excited to know more and more and finally, you will enjoy tweaking it Smile

Lets, cut the long story short and come to the point now ..

What is windows registry

Windows registry is a central repository for the configuration data that is stored in a hierarchical manner. (Microsoft terminology).. huh! confused? well, let me explain it in simple terms which will make more sense.

Windows 3.x and MS-DOS stored configuration settings in text-based files like .ini ,autoexec.bat,config.sys. The registry is introduced to replace most text-based configuration files. Due to the vast amount of information stored in the Windows registry, the registry can be an excellent source for potential evidential data. For instance, windows registry contains information on user accounts, typed URLs, network shared, and Run command history.

Registry plays a key role in all activities we perform on the computer. : The settings stored in the registry determines how windows appear and how it behaves. Ever wondered when you double click on a folder on your computer WHY it “open” it, why don’t the computer deletes a folder if we double-click on a folder. There comes the registry. it tells the computer what to do if we double-click on a file/folder what to do. Even the icon we see for our folders are referenced by registry settings. Wonder When we double-click on an MP3 it opens it in Windows Media Player or your fav Mp3 app.Why doesn’t it opens it in explorer or in notepad? Who controls it? there comes a registry. The configuration settings saved in the registry tells the computer what and how to do things.

The registry is just a big collection of configuration settings stored on your hard drive. : You don’t think about it while you are working on a windows based computer but the computer thinks about registry before it does anything. yes, I said ANYTHING. Once you know more about it, you will see how everything is related with the registry. For now, if you have questions do let me know via comment box below. You can mention an example activity you perform on the computer and I will try to mention how the registry is involved in that particular activity.

The registry is a hierarchical database: Now what does this big word hierarchical means? it means like on hard drive we store our files the same way registry is organized in hives/root keys/keys/Subkeys/Value/value data and value data type. We will discuss on this on upcoming posts in details.N ext posts will shade more light on this hierarchical stuff.

A registry is a base: The Microsoft Windows OS is now based on the registry. Your most familiar Windows XP and every application installed on top of Microsoft’s latest Operating systems do nothing without consulting the registry first. when you double click on your favorite song to play it, it consults with the registry to figure out what to do. registry tells it – “Hey! the file type you are trying to open is a having MP3 extension. In my database, .mp3 files are registered to open with windows media player. The media player executable is located at c:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe.You can call this program with required parameters and it will play the nice music the user just wanted to hear.”

Doesn’t all this make it Heart of windows?

In the next posts, we will see how to open the registry editor and then getting familiar with the registry editor interface…

I hope you enjoy this post. Have something in mind to say? Feel free to do so through the comment box below. It just cost your less than 2 minutes but will help me a lot to improve the quality for my readers.