Dragon ball legends special skills

Do you want to know how to use the special skills in dragon ball legends? Or do you want to use the special move in the game? Here is a guide on how to use it effectively in the game. There is a difference between the special skill and the special move. The blue card is the special move award, it is a card used for causing high damage with the cost of high ki. The special skill card is the green card, it offers you the power to buff or debuff the opponent. You have to counter attack the opponent when they attack and it has to be used at the right moment. The major ability can be activated by clicking the character picture at the screen. Sometimes you can use the special card, special move or the move card ultimate.

The ultimate move card is a card which is blue coloured with spikes. This is also a card which is used for high damages. It costs twenty ki. This card can only be used once. You have to be careful when you use it. Check the list of characters for using this. To Get special Skill you need chrono crystals. You can get more crystals on.

The challenge

In the ‘story mode’ the special skill and the ‘special move’ is the most well-known type of task. You will get it in this chapter. You can complete the task simply by using the green card and a special card. The first card can be used to create the special skill. You can do more damage to the opponent by using this card by using the special move.

There is a special card with a special set of skills in the game. There is an important catch in this that the number of cards you get while fighting the enemy is limited. So before you begin the battle you have to look at the number cards which will depend on the character you select for the battle.

By default in the game you will get three strike cards, one special move card and three blast cards without choosing the characters to fight. For instance, imagine your team’s power is 97,000 and the enemy’s team power is 47,185. It denotes that you can easily be victorious in the battle even with a single character. But to win the challenge you have to utilise one skill or the card in green.

It is not always essential that you have to get the special card at the start of the battle. It may also come at the end. You have to use the cards because the strike cards and the blast cards are more in number than the special cards. The point is that the green card or the special card in the game can be used when you waste the blast and the strike cards. To waste the cards you have to use it when you view the (i). This icon warns that the enemy is starting to attack you. You can look into the details of the art cards by going to the characters info section.

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